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How do I place an order?

As we sell wholesale only, all customers will need to provide us with their business/seller's permit information prior to placing their initial order.
To place an order through our website, simply download, print, fill out and email the completed sales order form to  You may also call us at (949) 837-7991 during regular business hours to place an order with our in-house representative.


Payment and Shipping


Initial orders must be paid with a credit card.  We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.  Cards are charged at the time of shipping. No credit card information is kept on file.


Returns & Refunds


We have taken care to ensure your shipment arrives safely and in good condition.

In the event something has been damaged in shipping you must follow the procedures below:


  • —Inspect all merchandise at time of delivery.

  • Any damages must be reported to us within 5 working days of receipt of goods.

             P: (949) 837-7991 E:

  • All original packing material/cartons must be retained for possible inspection by the carrier.


The Ivy Guild, Inc. and the shipping company have no legal obligation to honor your claims unless the above procedures are followed.


The Ivy Guild, Inc. will provide you–at no charge–replacement for merchandise damaged in shipping only if the above procedure is followed.


The Ivy Guild, Inc. specializes in individually handcrafted merchandise, (no two are exactly alike) and you will sometimes notice slight variations in size and color.

We consider this individuality part of the charm of our handcrafted items.



Product Care Recommendations


  1. Delicately dust all surfaces of the arrangement with a natural ostrich feather duster regularly.

  2. Keep arrangement away from direct sunlight to prevent UV fading.

  3. Clean glass and ceramic surfaces with a damp towel.  Use commercial cleaners intended for cleaning the specific surface.

  4. Avoid using air fresheners and perfumes on or around arrangements.

  5. Make sure arrangements and floor plants are placed on a flat, level surface.

  6. Add any additional surface protectors, such as felt pads, under arrangements that will be placed on surfaces requiring extra protection.

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